Gone To The Dogs
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Welcome to Gone to the Dogs

Gone to the Dogs was developed with a better way in mind. We understand as life long dog owners that there were a lot of folks out there who just were tired of the same old thing. We also understand that as people in the new millennium we expect a lot more for ourselves as well as our dogs, who have become integral parts of our families. That’s why at Gone to the Dogs we continue to offer products and services with you, your dog and your lifestyle in mind.

Our mission and philosophy

Our mission is to offer unique products and humane services to dog owners that will better give them the ability to holistically care for their companions. Our philosophy is that we will only offer quality humane approaches to dog care and will support the kind treatment of dogs through the products and services that are offered.

The place to go

Atmosphere is an important aspect in everything we do, that’s why at Gone to the Dogs we created an environment that promotes socialization between dog people. We created this place so that you can enjoy the sights, admire another’s special companion, giggle to yourself about some of the fun products or just spend some time bathing and bonding with your dog while humming to cool music.


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