Gone To The Dogs
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Full service grooming and bathing


With busy schedules today,

taking the kids to sporting events, making dinner, working on the house or mowing the grass, sometimes there’s a need to have some things done for you. That’s why we offer full-service grooming and bathing.

Our groomers are great at what they do

and the main thing they do best is treating your dog the way he or she deserves to be treated, with respect and kindness.

Make sure to let us know if your dog has special needs. Every dog with special needs will be identified as such, so that we may be sensitive to those needs and make his or her experience as enjoyable as possible. We like it when your dog goes home happy … it makes us happy, too.

Have an active Golden that needs a trim that relates to your active lifestyle, ask for our Yachting Cut. It will make life just a little bit easier.

As a Gone to the Dogs grooming client, you will become a member of our Belly Loyalty Program. It’s a great way for us to say “Thank you for your continued business”.


Also, for all current GTTD Grooming clients, see our value based Shortcuts grooming program to keep your dog neat and clean all year long.


We cater to all kinds of breeds…give us a call for details or make an appointment today!